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All About You! Episode 2

Every other week, our mini-episodes will be all about YOU!

I’m interested in your feedback, your comments, and answering any questions you have about the full episode.

So, make sure to leave a comment, send an email, or send me a direct message on instagram @allaboutaudiologypodcast. Maybe it’ll end up on the next All About You mini-episode.

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Welcome back to All About Audiology, the podcast that’s all about audiology. In the last episode we introduced the podcast and discussed what audiologist do and the different places they can work. I loved hearing your comments on the episode and that you share my enthusiasm for audiology and this new podcast. Also, I was so happy to get your comments and read you emails and DMs! I read them all and I get excited about getting to know you, and answering any question you have.

Here’s a comment from my friend Lisa who said “You really piqued my interest. I knew you were an audiologist but I’m interested in learning more about what that means.”

Thank Lisa, I’m excited that you’re listening!

On Facebook, Victoria wrote to me, Hi Dr. Saperstein, I really enjoyed listening to your episode and I’m so grateful that there’s a new podcast about audiology. My 8 year old son has a moderate bilateral hearing loss and uses hearing aids since he’s 3 months old. It’s been a long journey for our family, and looking back I wish I had something like this podcast for resource and information. Good luck and looking forward to the next episode.”

Thanks Victoria for writing in. This is the exact reason why I’ve started this podcast. I worked with many parents who seemed lost honestly and needed guidance. It’s not something a parent expects and it can really lead to a great sense of grief. They can have a difficult time accepting the reality but also being overwhelmed with what decisions to make. I always tell parents that they are the number one advocate for their child and by learning as much as you can, you become empowered to support your child with whatever they need, and as they grow, and as you grow in this journey, the needs will change- learning how to talk to teachers, and other parents about what your child’s strengths are and what are the areas where they need support.

Parents really need a lot of support and that’s what I’m here for. Next week, join us for the episode all about hearing, how hearing works and the different parts of the ear.

I’m Dr. Lilach Saperstein, and thank you for listening to All About Audiology.

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Comments · 5

  • Naomi Gez · February 13, 2019

    Dear Dr. Salerstein,
    Your voice give me confidence. I can’t wait to hear your next episode.

  • Hanoch · February 13, 2019

    This is amazing. The awareness is half of the solution.

  • Rachel Bernstein · February 13, 2019

    Dr. Saperstein, it is a true pleasure to hear all you have to say. Your words are insightful and yet full of depth. As soon as I heard you I became an instant fan. I wish you continued success as I’m sure all the others who hear you will also become enraptured with all you have to say.

    • lilachaudiology613 · February 17, 2019

      Thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

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