Hope Beyond Hearing

Have you been struggling since your child was diagnosed with hearing loss?

You can deal with this!

You know your child the best.
You’ll be able to handle the hardships ahead with confidence and with lots of love.

You’re rocking it!

You want to know what your child needs, how to fight for them, how to build their confidence, and have a strong and beautiful relationship.

Hearing loss is just one piece of the story, and doesn’t determine the rest.

Your emotional health, as a parent to a child with hearing loss, is hugely important. How you’re feeling will affect your ability to cope with your child’s needs. 

This sounds great, doesn’t it?

Except you feel like everything is falling apart, and you are overwhelmed, shocked, helpless, and confused.

A diagnosis of hearing loss, and all the decisions that come along with that are heavy!

But there is hope!

It is possible to feel empowered and become the greatest advocate for your child.

What you need is information and support.

Dr. Lilach Saperstein

I’m Dr. Lilach Saperstein, an educational audiologist with the expertise to help you understand the diagnosis, the medical lingo, and the options you have. 

I help you listen to your own intuition when making decisions for your family.

Armed with the audiological knowledge, you will know what to do next. But that’s just the first part.

We go deeper than that.

You will discover how caring for your emotional needs isn’t secondary to caring for the medical needs of your child.

You get 1:1 support from me, guided meditations, and so much more to help you accept, understand, and move forward with confidence after your child’s diagnosis.

You can feel hopeful again.

You can truly see your child and do exactly what you need to do for them to thrive.


  • Understand the diagnosis
  • Learn to read the audiogram
  • Know your options
  • Support language development


  • 1:1 Support
  • Guided imagery & meditation
  • Address shock & grief
  • Feel confident & hopeful

“At first, I was feeling frustrated and worried, consumed with anxiety about my daughter’s life. After working with Dr. Lilach, I know that I could make a connection with my daughter for who she is and feel ready to face the challenges. I have hope now.”

-Gavin, father to Amelia, age 7

You don’t have to do this alone! Being overwhelmed isn’t serving you or your child. You feel lost now but there is hope! 

“One of my favorite parts of our work together were the meditations. Her voice is so soothing. The words tugged at my heart strings, picturing my kids in front of me, and truly seeing them. I’ve even looked at their little hands differently. I feel more connected to them than I’ve ever had.”

-Ally, mother to Josh and Aaron, ages 3

What's missing?

At the audiology appointment, your child is the main priority. Diagnostic testing, fitting hearing aids, mapping the cochlear implant- all these things have to happen in the short appointment window. But you are an incredibly important part of your child’s success and can’t be left behind!

Audiology Appointment

  • Your child is the center
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Hearing aid fitting
  • Cochlear implant mapping
  • Limited time

Your Personal Audiology Advisor

  • You matter most
  • Emotional well-being
  • Support
  • Answer all your questions
  • Discuss risks & benefits
  • Decision making
  • Ample time

Not sure if this is for you?

There are many ways of finding the support you deserve.

This is the expert guidance you need when making big decisions. When you sell a house, you’re better off hiring a realtor who knows the market, and will guide you through staging your home, open-house day, closings and contracts. When your car acts up and some lights are on on the dashboard, your best bet is heading to your trusted mechanic.

When your child has a hearing loss, there are teams of professionals whose job it is, whose duty and purpose it is, to help guide you through the process. If you’re lucky, your ENT, audiologist, SLP, and any other professionals working with your child are kind-hearted, knowledgeable, and want the very best for your kiddo.

But who is taking care of YOU?

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