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New Audiology Podcast!

It’s here! An audiology podcast! A podcast all about audiology! That’s why I called it exactly that! I started the All About Audiology podcast to educate and empower you to know more about hearing because I am so passionate about this field.

My name is Dr. Lilach Saperstein.  I’m an audiologist helping parents and teachers of children with hearing loss, or anyone interested in hearing health, understand audiology topics. On the podcast, we explore how hearing works and discuss tools for becoming empowered advocates.

Every other week, in the All About YOU segment, I answer your questions about anything from ear infections and tubes to deciding on cochlear implant surgery, deaf education, and sign language.

In addition, I’ll answer questions like:

“Do I need a hearing aid?”
“My baby didn’t pass the hearing screening!”
“My child can hear but doesn’t understand me!”
“Is my child deaf?”
“Should I use sign language?”
“Should I get my hearing tested?”
“Pros and cons of cochlear implants”
“What are ear tubes”
and much more.

It’s all about you!

I love your comments and questions. Please feel free to DM me on instagram @allaboutaudiologypodcast, find me on facebook, or contact me here!

Who knows, maybe your comment or question will be featured on the “All About YOU” mini episode!

Of course, your privacy is important to us, so please note if you’d like to remain anonymous when sending in comments or questions.

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