Raising a deaf or hard of hearing child comes with its unique challenges.

Over this FREE 7-day retreat,
you'll get the tools and frameworks to:

✅ Connect with your child.

✅ Become a confident advocate.

✅ Transform your role as a parent.

✅ Get supported on this journey.

There’s a BIG GAP:

between what has to happen at audiology appointments (testing, fitting, and programming)…

and the very real questions that parents like you have about your child’s life.

  • Their needs.
  • Their struggles.
  • How they’ll develop language and communicate.
  • Their relationships with siblings and extended family.
  • The family finances.

And the many choices ahead like what program or intervention is right for your family.

As the parent, you are also juggling all this while handling the many complicated emotions around the diagnosis, whether recent or years ago.  

H- History 

Untangle the stories you have experienced on this journey so far. 
Clarify which parts of your own history are coming into play.

E- Emotion

Make space for the wide range of feelings you have in a safe and productive way.
Discover your capacity to support yourself and your child’s emotions.

A- Advocate

Get clarity on the process of advocacy. Learn about the F-I-G method to know what to say to doctors, teachers, and family!

R- Reconnect

Consciously remember your ultimate goal- the special bond between you and your child. 

I’m Dr. Lilach Saperstein, audiologist, parenting coach, and host of the All About Audiology podcast. 

It’s not just speech bananas, and audiograms, hearing aids or FM systems. 

It’s about your entire family’s experience with audiology, and you as the parent managing and leading it all. 

Join me for the free7-day H.E.A.R retreat for you to come and process, learn, connect and feel ready to face the challenges ahead

How it works:

Each day, we will meet for a 1 hour zoom meeting at 1 PM Eastern. 

July 12-15: Monday- Thursday. 
-Weekend break- 
And again on 
April 19-21 Monday-Wednesday 

You'll also have access to a private Facebook group, and a chance to connect with other moms going through similar experiences.

Live captions are provided.