Speak Up

“Speak Up”

Get the courage and the knowledge to respond to rude comments about your child’s hearing loss.

You know that pit in your stomach you get when you hear “what’s that in their ear?” “Why does she talk like that?” “How come he’s not listening?” Or when someone asks about your child’s hearing aids or cochlear implants. You just want to shut everyone up!

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Other people’s comments make you want to yell…or hide.

You freeze up. It’s like they are pushing a button that makes you spill over and cry. Deep down inside, you know it’s because you don’t really know what to say.

Everybody uses words like “empowered” and “advocate” but you don’t know how. You want to speak up for your child, but you feel stuck.

You wish you had a really good comeback for all those rude comments. You wish you had the words to explain your child’s needs respectfully and clearly without getting emotional every single time.

I’m Dr. Lilach Saperstein, an educational audiologist helping parents like you who have a child diagnosed with hearing loss to feel more confident.

The “Speak Up” Session is your 1-hour virtual meeting with me. We work together to understand the emotional triggers and the loops that are keeping you stuck. You’ll get the exact words you’ve been looking for. You’ll feel so good about your responses to those rude comments that other people will be blown away by your confidence. And you’ll do it in such a smooth, non-confrontational way, that they might even want to be your friend!

And guess what? As a bonus side effect, your child will also gain confidence for themselves. By you modeling that language, they’ll be able to speak up for themselves! You already are the best advocate for your one-of-a-kind kiddo, you just need a boost! Book your “Speak Up” session now.

If you’re feeling under a cloud, here is the ray of sunshine you’ve been looking for.

The “Speak Up” Session Includes:

“This is Us” Form– an intake form. You fill it out before our session to describe your situation. This helps me to help you better during our 60 minute session, so we don’t waste any time.

“Speak UP” Session- a 60 minute virtual meeting. We dive right in and find the wording that feels right for you. You’ll receive step-by-step guidance and learn the language and information you’re looking for so you feel prepared to tackle those rude comments.

Speak Up” Printable– a follow-up printable, customized for you. After our session, you’ll receive the list of responses to help you stay respectful while still holding your ground.

*Bonus: Meditation Audio File– As a bonus for booking a “Speak Up” session, you’ll be able to pick one meditation to download from the #allaboutaudiology meditation library. You’ll feel more connected to your child and have another tool to help you along your journey.

Awesome! Here’s how to get started:

The price for the “Speak Up” session is $99 USD

Step 1: Make your payment by clicking the Buy Now button.

Step 2: Within 48 hours of making payment, you’ll receive an email from me with the “This is Us” packet and instructions for how to book a “Speak Up” session. 

Step 3: We’ll have our “Speak Up” session for 60 minutes and you’ll come out feeling ready to speak up for your child and their specific needs.

Step 4: You’ll receive email notes from our sessions, your printable and the meditation audio file you chose.

Have any specific questions? Email me!

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