September 19-22, 2022

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Raising a deaf or hard of hearing child comes with

many unexpected twists and turns.

You’re doing the absolute best that you can to become a powerful advocate and help your child thrive!

What you really want is..

Know that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your child’s audiological care and education.

Understand what’s going on and what to expect at audiology and therapy appointments.

Provide a safe and accessible life for your child so they can have opportunities for learning, friendship and community.  

Have the knowledge and confidence in yourself to know what to say to their doctors, teachers and therapists.

Be a loving and connected parent through it all. 


Through the maze of confusion,

you and your child can feel supported and connected.

The All About Audiology Summit was created to help

Join 20 experts over 4 days who will teach you the information, tools, and strategies to help you advocate for and connect with your child.

Maybe you're...

In over your head with all the new audiology words and tests. You can’t make heads or tails of the medical reports.

Wishing you could understand all your child’s hearing test results, medical reports, and recommendations. 

Wondering what challenges are still to come and how you’ll ever feel prepared.

Worried about your child’s future opportunities for learning, friendship, and community. 

You want to be able to
sort through all the contradictory advice
so you can make the right decisions for your child and your family.

Meet Your Host

Hi! I’m Dr. Lilach Saperstein, audiologist, parent coach, and host of the All About Audiology podcast. I’ve worked in schools, hospitals, and clinics with hundreds of families who are navigating parenting through their audiology journey. What I’ve learned is that counseling and support are crucially important for you to feel confident in advocating for your child and feeling connected, so your child can thrive! This summit has always been a big vision of mine, bringing parents together with so many expert voices who really care about how you and your family are doing.


Finally, something to support YOU!

Your child has a lot of  doctor’s appointments, a variety of therapies, and lots of school meetings. It takes a toll on you.
Not just on your time and schedule, but financially, and emotionally, and physically too!
Your child should be the focus… But what about you?
The All About Audiology Summit is unique because it’s a place for you to be the focus. Come together with a group of parents facing the same challenges as you are.
You deserve support too!

The Speakers

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at the All About Audiology Summit.

Dr. Michelle Hu  

From Pediatric Patient to Professional – My Personal Journey and Mission

Mallorie Evans 

Audiology and Language Access in Early Intervention


Dr. Sarah Sparks 

Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Hearing: My Journey of Identity as a Deaf Audiologist

Kimberly Sanzo 

Language Over Speech: How to Ensure Deaf Kids Acquire Language

Janna Cowper 

My kids DHH journeys will be different than mine. That’s ok.

Dr.  Angela Loucks Alexander

The Future of Audiology is in the Brain

Dr. Kathleen Wallace

Third Party Disability: How Hearing Loss, and Intervention, Can Impact the Whole Family

Germaine Graham 

Yes You Can! Parenting Possibilities

Kellina Powell

How to Advocate for Your Child

Marcela Collier 

3 Ways To Boost Your Child’s Confidence and Resilience

Valli Gideons 

Navigating life raising two kids who have hearing loss

Abbi Perets  

Business Success as a Special Needs Mom

Kris Daria

Navigating Hearing Loss with Your Child

                  Lola Brito

Reinventing the Home Program


Marlene Medina Nero

Chat with a Multilingual SLP

Dr. Yona Saperstein 

What Your Child’s Doctor Really Thinks of You

Dr. Kelsey Kerkhove

The ABC’s of Audiology

Bat-Chen Grossman 

Prioritizing Your Marriage

Natalia Popham 

Helping Your Child at School. Reverse Slope, ANSD, Bimodal tech usage

Dr. Lilach  Saperstein 

All the Hats Parents Wear

. With such an incredible lineup, you won't want to miss this event.

More Details


The All About Audiology Summit will run from September 19-22, 2022 with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.


Online. As a mom myself, I’m so grateful I’ve been able to attend conferences and events virtually over the last few years. You’ll be able to tune into the summit from anywhere with internet access!


Presentations will be 20-30 minutes long. The presentations will be available for 24 hours for you to watch along with hundreds of other parents from around the world.

Get Together!

You’ll also have access to our private Facebook group where we’ll be posting important updates throughout the summit. Plus, it’s a great place to get to know other parents.


As an attendee, you’ll have the chance to win prizes based on your participation. Make sure to join the Facebook group for entries and more info.

The All-Access Pass

After registering, you can also upgrade to gain access to the All-Access Pass. That means you’ll get ongoing access to presentations and the Audiology Toolkit Bundle. You won’t want to miss it!


“Dr. Lilach challenges me to go broader than my initial thoughts. She helps me think about untapped resources and other ways to connect.”
"Workshops with Dr. Lilach help me to think outside my current state about potential resources and support. I always walk away feeling more confident in my goals and intentions.”


Yes! This is for you if there’s a DHH kid in your life that you are loving and supporting. That includes grandparents, uncles & aunties, and teachers too. There are a lot of parenting courses out there but do they really address the specific challenges you’re facing? This summit has been created specifically for you to connect with a community and find the confidence to become a powerful advocate for your kid.

The summit runs from Monday to Thursday, September 19-22, 2022. We’ll kick off on Monday, September 19, 2022 with an opening call.  You can join the Facebook community as soon as you get your ticket!

Each video will be available for 24-hours. However, with the All Access Pass you can get ongoing access to all of the video presentations, as well as the Audiology Toolkit Bundle.

No. By registering for the summit you’ll be added to the All About Audiology emailing list only, but the speakers will not receive your email address or any other personal information.

Presentations are pre-recorded (to ensure captioning and transcripts, and avoid any tech issues too!). Presentations will be released at the scheduled time. There will be a live networking and panel events as well, on day 4 of the summit.

Yes, email me at lilach @ allaboutaudiology . com or message me on IG for more info on being featured as a speaker, or becoming an affiliate for the summit.

Yes! All presentations will have captions and full transcripts available.

No problem! Shoot an email over to and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

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