Work with Dr. Lilach Saperstein

Dr. Lilach Saperstein – An educational audiologist helping parents and teachers become empowered advocates.

Your child and your story are unique.

Hearing loss affects each child and each family differently.

The drawn out process of even getting a diagnosis is so overwhelming, running from hospital to doctor’s office, from test to test. It’s shocking, frustrating, and confusing.

I serve a different role than your clinical audiologist. I’m here to help you make sense of all the medical words and reports, understand your options, and feel supported throughout the process. It’s is all about you.

I work with parents of children with hearing loss to understand your child’s diagnosis and what steps are the right steps for you and your child.

Hearing aids? Cochlear implants? Sign Language? What kind of therapy? What type of school? There’s no one size fits all. We’ll work together to understand what best fits your child and your family.

My name is Dr. Lilach Saperstein. I am a licensed audiologist helping parents to children with hearing loss understand you child’s unique situation, from initial diagnosis to ongoing education and support, so you can make informed decisions and become empowered advocates.

After working with me, you’ll be able to explain what kind of hearing loss your child has and what kinds of sounds they can or can’t hear, and how the environment affects their listening abilities. So, you’ll be more comfortable speaking up for your child’s needs, at home, at friend’s houses, at parties, at the playground, and at school. We’ll discuss ways you can explain your child’s situation, and how to advocate for them.

Success starts with knowledge. 

You’ll understand the pros and cons of hearing aids and cochlear implants. You will be more informed about the different methods of communicating with your child and choose what fits best for your family.

When you are empowered, your child is in good hands.

Together, we’ll craft a plan so you will be more empowered and confident, knowing what road to take,  which questions to ask the audiologist or doctor, and how to guide your child’s teachers and therapists.

To begin working together:

  1. Click here to fill out the consulting intake questionnaire. Tell me about your child and where you are in your journey.
  2. We will then schedule a time to speak by phone or video chat to discuss ways we can work together.
  3. Once we’ve worked out the details, we will schedule our consulting sessions. I will ask that you provide me with relevant background documents and testing results.

Sessions are conducted via video chat, and email support is ongoing throughout the consulting period. For details or any further questions, feel free to contact me.

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